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Re: font size in fred window

 >Date: Wed, 22 Sep 1993 23:13:35 -0400 (EDT)
 >From: Michael Burks <mb1i+@andrew.cmu.edu>
 >To: info-mcl@cambridge.apple.com, jherbst@poobah.wellesley.edu (Jean R. Herbst)
 >Subject: Re: font size in fred window
 >Cc: jherbst@poobah.wellesley.edu
 >Excerpts from internet.listserv.info-mcl: 22-Sep-93 font size in fred
 >window by Jean R. Herbst@poobah.we 
 >> We are using MCL in our introductory AI class.  We need to increase the
 >> size of the font in the fred window (we are using a projector to display
 >> the monitor during lecture, and the font is too small (9 pt?).  We can
 >> change the font in the Listener window by loading the font-menus.lisp from
 >> the examples folder and using the EDIT menu font size option, but this
 >> doesn't seem to affect the fred window.  Can you help?

Yes, you have to select a region of text before using
(set-view-font <window> <font-spec>).

You can also put these forms in your init.lisp file, to set
the default fonts for new windows:

(setf *fred-default-font-spec*     '("monaco" 14 :plain))
(setf *listener-default-font-spec* '("monaco" 14 :plain))

A font spec can be just a string (the font name), a number
(the size), a keyword (the style or transfer mode), or
a list of these. See chapter 3 of the MCL ref manual for more
about font specifications.

See chapter 14 (Programming the Editor) for more about
writing code to set the fonts in editor buffers.