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doc viewer (opt. editor) from mac mcl?

Has anyone written or seen a document viewer (optionally, editor) in mcl,
or invoked from mcl?  Something like the Apple Doc Viewer +, but - the $5k
Builder and bundling licences. :)  Actually, a vastly more modest item
might suffice.

   some nice things about it, possibly:

	-- to detect where the reading human is clicking, or what
	   page is being read, and to communicate this to an mcl program.

	-- to fairly mindlessly :) convert from Wordperfect/PC or Word/Mac
           a lot of documents w/graphics without losing formatting (if editor)

	-- to be able to paste text and picts in. (if editor)

	-- available for a song and dance. :) (well...)

Partial solutions, pointers and ideas most welcome... 

				-- Marek

				   marek@ils.nwu.edu         (708) 467-1872
				   Inst. for the Learning Sciences, ev 3142
				   1890 Maple Avenue
				   Northwestern University, Evanston 60201