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Re: geta-browser 2.0, loading pb

On Wed, 22 Sep 1993, Mathieu Lafourcade wrote:

> Some people encounter problem when loading the geta-browser 2.0:
> >I've tried to use geta-browser, 2.0, but there seem to be some missing
> >class definitions, specifically draguable-node and t-links.
> >
> >I have to comment these out to get it to work.
> >
> >(defclass CLOS-node (#| draguable-node |# standard-node #| t-links |#) 
> >  ()
> >  (:documentation "Node containing CLOS objects (classes, slots, methods
> >and instances)"
> >                  ))
> All right, it is my fault (sig!). You have to load the files contained in
> the folder (behaviors) of the geta-grapher package. These files contain the
> class definitions which are missing. (The above fix solves the problem but
> the drawing of the graph will slightly different.)

I also had to change draguable-node to geta-grapher:draguable-node.

In addition I had to change the .defu extensions on the defunit files to 
.lisp and replace the logical host, working folder: in several places.