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Re: MCL and AppleScript

>I seem to remember reading somewhere (though I can't remember where) that the
>latest version of MCL supports Apple events and AppleScript. Is this
true? Does
>MCL or the applications that it creates scriptable?
>Thanks in advance.
>Fred Terry

AppleEvents are supported. You should check out the "appleevent-toolkit"
and "eval-server" files in the "examples" folder (as well as Chapter 12
of the MCL documentation).

However, as far as I can tell (and I'd love to be wrong about this), MCL
does not support appleevent objects, so it will be difficult (but
probably not impossible) to have your application respond to scripts. If
you're interested, I have code which creates object specifiers to send
to another application (it creates them as AERecords and then coerces
them to object specifiers), but I think you'll have to resolve incoming
object specifiers on your own.