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Re: Getting an application's name

At  3:56 PM 9/30/93 +0000, Brian F Williams wrote:
>        Hi.  When I save out a new application, it saves quite a bit
>of state.  I wrote a function which checks to see if any of the
>information in the saved application is obsolete, and if so, it 
>reloads it.  The problem is that this method seems to be breaking
>on some other people's version of MCL.  The problem code is
>(def-load-pointers reload-invalid-logs ()
>    (let ((application-last-saved (file-write-date (format nil "~A~A"
>                   (%get-string (%int-to-ptr #$curapname))))))
>        My question: is there a better way to do this?  It doesn't
>have to be platform independent.  I'm just looking for something that
>doesn't rely so heavily on MCL internals.
>        Thanks.

Your way should work, and I'm surprised that it doesn't always do so.
The following is a little nicer (to my aesthetic sense) way of getting
the name of the running application::

   (concatenate 'string "ccl:" (%get-string (%int-to-ptr #$curapname)))