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Re: color-parts

> >I'd like to do that, I'd also like for them to be different.  However, this
> >doesn't work.  I thought of it and tried it, to no avail.
> >
> >What I'm doing exactly is putting a buntch of dialog items within another
> >dialog
> >item witch it also a view.  Sometimes I'd like the view and the window to be
> >different colors.  BTW, set-color also fails to work with the view.
> I was afraid that this might be the objective, and I don't know the answer.
> For setting the "background" color of a control dialog-item different from
> that of its containing window, you can, after installing the dialog item in
> the window, (set-part-color <window> :content <first color>) and _then_
> (set-back-color <window> <second color>). This will leave the dialog-item
> in the first color, the window background in the second color. The drawback
> is that the whole drawing sequence is repeated whenever the window contents
> are redrawn, which looks pretty ugly.
> === John R. Gersh                     John_Gersh@aplmail.jhuapl.edu           

I decided, until MCL has a working setup for color-parts to just go back to
black and white.  Oh well, at least it'll look good on a 128k Mac.  :-)


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