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New MCL 2.0.1 patches at camridge.apple.com

MCL 2.0.1 is a maintenance upgrade of MCL that will start shipping from
APDA in the near future. If you want to upgrade your MCL 2.0 to
MCL 2.0.1 before then, or avoid talking to APDA altogether, you
can do so with files available for anonymous FTP from cambridge.apple.com
in the directory "/pub/mcl2/patches/".

I updated that directory today, so if you have already built an MCL 2.0.1,
you'll need to do so again. The individual patches needed to do so are
in that folder along with a "README" folder telling how to do the
installation. The file "2.0->2.0.1.sea.hqx" contains everything you
need in a single self extracting archive along with an automated
installation procedure.

For those of you who have already built an MCL 2.0.1, the
"cyclone-cursor-patch" has been replaced with "mcl2.0.1p0". This
fixes the garbled cursor on "av" macs, fixes another bug that causes
an "av" mac to crash during the first garbage collection after a windoid
is closed, and fixes a bug in MCL's calling of OPEN-DOCUMENTS-HANDLER

Also, the "MMU3.hqx" file in the "MMU3-for-IIci" folder has been replaced.

I suggest that you download "2.0->2.0.1.sea.hqx" and follow the instructions
in its "*README*" file rather than downloading the patches individually. The
automated installation procedure is much easier and less error prone than the
old manual procedure.

Thank you for using MCL.

Bill St. Clair