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I am using this net for the first time. I have simple questions in lisp,
in fact I am using Xlisp-stat. I have the following situation :

I have a list of lists for example say ((1 2 3) ( 4 5 6) ( 7 8 9))

This way I have a list of 500 lists. I need to get the average of 12th and
13th element in each list and also average of 487 and 488 element in each
list and the result (4 elements from each list) to be retunred.

Could anyone give any information regarding this.?

you can Email to me directly also

thanx a lot in advance

Prakash Upadhyayula                 Email: a10pxu8@mp.cs.niu.edu
Graduate Student
Northern Illinois University,
DeKalb, Il - 60015