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Re: creating file with icon

Robby Findler has told you how to adjust MCL so that every file of a given
type created by MCL has a particular Icon.  At least so long as it is on a
machine where Finder "knows about" your changed MCL.

Here's how you can give an icon to a particular file, and have it transport
with the file:

>I would like to create file (from MCL, of course) that would be displayed
>with an icon.

Consider the way Finder does the job, when the user pastes an Icon into a
file's Get Info window.  Basically, you add an icon "family" to the
resource fork of the file, with the special ID -16455.  You need an ICN# at
the very least, and it's probably best if you include a complete family so
that the file looks right on various monitors.   You also need to set the
"Has Custom Icon" bit in the file's Finder flags.

You can experiment easily:  just pick a file, do Finder's Get Info.  Select
the icon, then Copy and immediately Paste, and look at the file's resource


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