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Re: Update on IIsi vs. MCL

On  Sun, 31 Oct 1993 20:04:22, Don Winiecki writes:
  I noticed this next issue before, but didn't know if it was caused by the
  printing problems I was having with MCL 2.0, but it still occurs in 2.0.1.
  When printing, there is no "annunciator type" dialog box that tells of the
  printing process and to "press command-. to cancel" the print job. I may be
  mistaken but it seems as though this dialog appears as part of all other Mac
  applications... (that I use).
  Should this printing dialog appear? It's probably a fairly trivial procedure
  to write, but nontheless ... <as I shrug>.
MCL does not adhere to the standard procedure of placing a Print Progress
dialog box on the screen. Unfortunately, it is not trivial to display the
dialog box. Printing is divided into stages.
1. The system "opens" the printer.(#_PrOpen)
2. The system displays the print dialog box (#_PrJobdialog)
3. The user completes the print dialog box.
4. The system continues processing if "cancel" has not been pressed.
5. The system "opens" the print document (#_PrOpenDoc)
6. The system processes each page of the document, first opening
   the page (#_PrOpenPage), then processing, and finally closing
   the page (#_PrClosePage).
7. The system then closes all of the "open" objects in turn, first closing
   the document (#_PrCloseDoc), and then closing the printing (#_PrClose
Problems arise in the printing of the document.
without-interrupts appears in the same place as (window-hardcopy
before the open-doc (decinest appears at location 332, open-doc at 360-362)
As a result, events are not processed.

If you want to print non-fred windows or are interested in the method
for printing, examine my print utilities (available from cambridge.apple.com
in the pub/MCL2/contrib/print-u.lisp.hqx file). I've given up trying
to display a print-progress dialog box.