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DEFSYSTEM (Was: Re: Managing large LISP code)

Hello Lispers!

This discussion about how to manage large projects and the recent RFD
made me wonder about the future of DEFSYSTEM.

I normally use CMUCL with Mark Kantrowitz's DEFSYSTEM and I am very
happy with it. I also used it (though in a limited way) with CLISP and
it still seems to work fine.

Now, this DEFSYSTEM (beyond being portable over many CL
implementations) is a sharp departure from the one found in GENERA. MK
DEFSYSTEM uses a "structural" description of the system, while GENERA
uses a "procedural" description (as pointed out in the MK DEFSYSTEM

I would like to see the MK DEFSYSTEM offered by the Lisp vendors as a
standard tool. This would make *my* life easier and, I believe, also
that of many other Lisp Users.

Marco Antoniotti
Robotics Lab		| room: 1219 - tel. #: (212) 998 3370
Courant Institute NYU	| e-mail: marcoxa@cs.nyu.edu

...e` la semplicita` che e` difficile a farsi.
...it is simplicity that is difficult to make.
				B. Brecht