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Re: MCL 2.0.1 bug ?

At  3:05 PM 11/3/93 +0100, Gilles Serasset wrote:
>I experienced a strange, buggy and annoying behaviour with MCL 2.0.1:
>I just start a clean MCL 2.0.1 then define 2 packages:
>> Error: Importing *TOTO* to #<Package "COMMON-LISP-USER"> would=
> conflict with
>>symbol P1::*TOTO* .
>> While executing: CCL::IMPORT-1
>> Type Command-/ to continue, Command-. to abort.
>> If continued: Ignore attempt to import *TOTO* to #<Package
>See the Restarts=8A menu item for further choices.
>1 >=20
>OK, this message is quite normal and I just want to ignore the import.=
> So I
>go to the eval menu and select "Continue".
>The mac freezes (no mouse reaction) and 2 seconds later go to macsbug=
> with
>an user break. Pressing g returns to MCL which prints:

This is a known bug a fix for which I intended to go into
"mcl2.0p1.fasl", but it apparently didn't make it. If you
want a patch, ask me for "import-patch".

The two error messages are correct behavior (though it might be nice
to have a restart that would ignore all the bad imports).
The problem is that there was an extraneous call to the (low-level)
debugger in the restart. The 2 second pause is MacsBug attempting
to find a procedure name near the PC. You can get rid of it with
the "SX" command, which disables that feature.