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About Apple Events

        Dear lispers,

I want MCL to send messages to HyperCard but not 'eval' or 'dosc'. I want
to send my proper events. I have an event class 'LIDI' and event IDs.

If I understand the listing of appleevent-toolkit.lisp (by bill). There is
a function called 'ae-put-parameter-char that seems to be use to put in
'the-desc some data associated with a keyword 'KWord  (#$KeyDirectObject,
in the source).

Unfortunately I am not sure of that. What I want to have is the following
HyperTalk statement :

request ae data with keyword "KWord"  (as many times of the keyword number)

Can I do such a thing an how ?

Bye the way where is the documentation of 'ae-put-parameter-char
'ae-get-parameter-char 'with-aedesc 'ae-error.

Thanks in advance for help.

Herve Blanchon  	       	       	       	
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