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porting to acl/pc

We currently try to port parts of our application to
acl/pc. Since the graphical interface of mcl 2.0 is
better than that of ACL/PC, we decided to emulate the
mcl graphical interface on acl/pc. This was quite boring
, all interface stuff in acl/pc is written in function and
not in methods, totally weird, shame on procyon, but quite successful,
 but we still miss the table-dialog-item or better the array-dialog-item
in ACL/PC. (Acl/PC has one column sequences, but we need multi-
column stuff.

Has anybody already ported this and is willing
to share? We could offer our emulation for other dialog-items
although quite undocumented
or a simple class-browser for both acl/pc and Mcl2.0