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problem with windows

I would like to report some problems when using views and windows. Here
is a a sample of code that produce the problems:

(require "QuickDraw")

(defun test ()
  (let ((win (make-instance 'window
                 :window-title "Path-Planning"
                 :view-position #@(200 300)
                 :window-type :document)))
    (sleep 1)
    (move-to win 50 50)
    (format win "ok")
    (line-to win 90 90)
    ;(window-hardcopy win)

1 when the sleep command is ommited the drawing appears for a very short
moment (say 0.2 s) and is immediately erased. With the delay just after
the creation of the window the drawing works properly (not erased).

2 the window is not redrawn when it has been overlapped by another
window. The function view-draw-contets is not called for this window (I
have traced it).

3 It is not possible to print the window (on a printer). When using the
function window-hardcopy the following error message occur:
> Error: No applicable method for args:
>         (#<WINDOW "Path-Planning" #xE24CD9>)
In addition the pront option in the menu is not available for this window.

I run this program on a Centris 650 (16/230) with MCL 2.0
I think I must forget something somewhere. I would greatly appreciate any
help. Thanks.

Jean-Christophe LE MENTEC
National Aerospace Laboratory
email: lementec@asuka.aerospace-lab.go.jp