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Questions about WOOD

I have some questions concerning WOOD (so it's clear whom I am addressing to).
First I want to say that I like this package very much, it seems to be exactly
what I had been searching for for a long time.
I am using WOOD to install a dictionary database (or several ones) as a
permanent heap balanced tree. I had to change and extend the source code of
some btree functions a little bit in order to be able to do incremental search
and to step forward and backward in the tree. My backward stepping function
very much relies on the parent pointer in the node record. Is it true that
this pointer will vanish in future releases of WOOD and could you suggest any
workarounds for that (do I really nead them at all)? And is a bheap actually
the best way to install a dictionary database?
Another question: When will the next version of WOOD (maybe with recovery and
garbage collection) be ready?

Thank you very much in advance.
Paul Meurer

Universitetet i Bergen
Matematisk institutt
Allegt. 55
N-5007 Bergen, Norway

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