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Fred and WorldScripts

Since nobody answered this question, I'll try it again:

I want to work with Arabic texts in MCL. As far as I know, MCL (i.e., fred
text editing) doesn't support WorldScript as yet, and I had to do a lot of
workaround to make things work at least a little bit, but my solution is far
from being good. On the other hand, one could work with the simpler
text-edit-dialog-item's; they are based on TextEdit, which supports
WorldScript (at least Arabic), but I found no way to enable
multi-font-editing, which should be possible according to Inside Mac (when I
set the appropriate flags in the text edit record, they were erased after the
window had been created).
So I am wondering if WorldScript features are going to be included in the next
release of MCL, or if there are other solutions or workarounds (especially
concerning TextEdit and text-edit-dialog-items, which also allow word

Thanks in advance for your help!

Universitetet i Bergen
Matematisk institutt
Allegt. 55
N-5007 Bergen, Norway

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