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MCL Support E-mail address?

I was trying to get inbetween write-updates of *all* slots of a class.

The strait forward way seemed to be specialize the 
(setf slot-value-using-class) method, but as it turnes out, this part of the 
MOP is not supported in MCL. (setf Slot-Value) accesses slots without
calling (setf slot-value-using-class).

The next way I thought of was to specialize the initialize-instance method
of the meta-class Writer-Method and modify the method-code at definition
time. But I had to find out that -while the meta-class Writer-Method
exisits- method-definition in MCL bypasses this and instances of this class
are never made.

So, the question remains: Are there ways (one would be enough) in MCL to
get inbetween write-updates of *all* slots of a class?

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