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Re: ptable problem

At 12:45 PM 12/13/93 +0100, rudolf mittelmann wrote:
>Is it known that the ptable init (v 2.0.1) will
>hang the machine during startup when the addressing
>mode is 24bit (memory control panel)?

No, this is not a known problem.  (It is known that it will crash
the machine on a IIci.)

>This is true at least for a IIcx with the 32bit Enabler
>and for a Duo 230 PowerBook.

What are the memory configurations?  Are you running virtual memory.

>I did not found this problem addressed in the docs
>of the 2.0.1 upgrade, so I post it here.

Sending it to bug-mcl@cambridge.apple.com would also be good (since
it is archived).