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Re: Text wrap break between words

In article <756029766.9100717@AppleLink.Apple.COM> Peformigence Corp,
MCELROY@AppleLink.Apple.COM writes:
>When the fred dialog items are set to wrap mode, the text will break and
>in the middile of a word.  Is there a parameter set or some code that
will make
>the dialog item text break between words?  Thanks in advance.
If there's an 'info-mcl' FAQ, this question should almost certainly be in
it - I've seen it come up a couple of dozen times (I think I posted it
myself three or four times ... :-) ) and have yet to see a satisfactory
solution ...

I don't think the various auto-fill examples really *are* a solution,
because - if I remember rightly - they change the text by inserting CRs,
whereas what's really wanted is something that performs word-wrapping the
way TextEdit does it, so that if you resize the item, the text is
reformatted appropriately.

If Santa St Clair is listening, I think there's a growing community of
frustrated would-be word-wrappers who'd like to see this in MCL
2.0.2/2.1/3.0 ...


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