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X3 announces second public review for Common Lisp

Begin forwarded message:

From: Guy Steele <gls@Think.COM>

Below is the full text of the press release from X3.

It may be that Kent Pitman will arrange to make the latest draft
available on-line as he did for the first public review; if so,
details will follow in a later message.  (Note: the draft is about
1500 pages or so.  It's a lot to print.)

In any case, I remind you that any comments, to be officially
recognized, must be sent on paper to the two addresses listed
in the press release.  X3J13 would take it as a great favor if
any comments could also be sent electronically (to an address
that will be mentioned in the above-mentioned "later message").

--Guy Steele
Accredited Standards Committee*			Date: January 11, 1994
X3, Information Processing Systems	     Project: 574-D
					    Reply to: Lynn Barra
NEWS RELEASE					      75300.2665@compuserve.com
						  cc: G. Steele, X3J13 Chairman

	   X3 Announces the Second Public Review and Comment Period on
		  X3.226-199x, Programming Language Common Lisp

Washington, D.C. -- Accredited Standards Committee X3, Information Processing
Systems announces the two-month public review and comment period on X3.226-199x,
Programming Language Common Lisp.

The specification set forth in this document is designed to promote the
portability of Common Lisp programs among a variety of data processing systems.
It is a language specification aimed at an audience of implementors and
knowledgeable programmers.  It is neither a tutorial nor an implementation

The second public review is being announced due to substantive changes made to
the draft as a result of comments received during the first public review.

The comment period extends from February 4, 1994 through April 5, 1994.  Please
send all comments to: X3 Secretaiat, Attn.: Lynn Barra, 1250 Eye Street NW,
Suite 200, Washington, DC 20005-3922.  Send a copy to: American National
Standards Institute, Attn.: BSR Center, 11 West 42nd St. 13th Floor, New York,
NY 10036.

Purchase this standard from:

		       Global Engineering Documents, Inc.
				 2805 McGaw Ave.
				Irvine, CA  92714
			   1-800-854-7179 (within USA)
			   714-261-1455 (outside USA)

Single copy price:	$80.00
International price:	$104.00

   *Operating under the procedures of the Amrican National Standards Institute
X3 Secretariat, Computer and Business Equipment Manufacturers Association (CBEMA)
	      1250 Eye Street NW Suite 200 Washington DC 20005-3922
	  Telephone: (202)737-8888 (Press 1 twice)  FAX: (202)638-4922