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MCL Jobs: University of Colorado Summer Camp

This post may seem odd in this newsgroup but since the people we are
looking for ideally have some MCL experience I will go ahead.



             University of Colorado Summer Camp 1994
   A Research Experience for Undergraduates and Master Students
                Human-Computer Communication Group
                   Computer Science Department
                   Boulder, Colorado 80309-430

We are inviting applications for paid summer camp positions. Our big goal
is to explore the notion of academic apprenticeship. This is an ideal
opportunity for undergraduate or master degree students to work in a
research environment. If you are thinking about entering a Ph.D. program
then this could be for you. By working during the summer on research
projects (there are several projects to choose from) you get to know us and
we get to know you.

Our Research Goals
We are interested in human-computer communication issues including:
learning on demand (theories and systems), critiquing systems, visual
programming languages, simulation environments, agent-based user
interfaces, domain-oriented design environments, construction kits,
programmable applications, and pen-based diagram environments.

Boulder is a college town located in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains.
About 27,000 of the 100,000 people living in Boulder are students. The
weather in the summer is very pleasant and inviting for activities such as
hiking, mountain biking, surfing, roller blading, and bungee jumping (if
you must). Boulder also offers a large number of summer cultural events
(e.g., the Shakespeare Festival), an extensive summer concert list, and a
large number of ethnic food restaurants.

On-campus student housing will be provided.

You should be an undergraduate or a master student in a
cognitive-science-related area such as:

- Computer science
- Experimental or Cognitive Psychology
- Human Factors or Ergonomics

You should also:

- understand human factors and interface design
- have at least a small background in AI (knowledge-based systems)
- be able to program in Lisp (MCL)
- be a permanent U.S. resident

Please Email your application or questions to: ralex@cs.colorado.edu

Your application should include:

1) A brief description of your research interests

2) A one paragraph statement regarding why you are applying, i.e.,
   what would you like to get out of the summer camp.

3) A description of your programming experience (with particular
   emphasis on your experience in Lisp)

4) A resume

     _/_/_/    _/_/_/  _/_/_/    Alex Repenning (ralex@cs.colorado.edu)
   _/      _/    _/      _/      University of Colorado
  _/            _/      _/       Department of Computer Science and
 _/            _/      _/        Institute of Cognitive Science
_/      _/    _/      _/         Boulder, CO 80309-0430
 _/_/_/        _/_/_/            Phone: (303) 492-1218