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scroll-bar-scrollee (What is it?)

What kinds of things can be a scroll bar's scrollee?  The documentation
says very little about this (that I could find).  Is this beacuse you
aren't supposed to use it, relying instead on the dialog-item-action

Also, I never got a response to a previous related question so I'll
rephrase it below.  Any help would be greatly appreciated...

My initial purpose in all this was to figure out the best way to implement
a 3 column spreadsheet.  So I want three columns that are scrolled with a
single scrollbar.  I also want it to be able to be relatively large (I
guess 8K is the upper limit on a singele column since I don't want to
reimplement the list manager :> ).

In response to a prevoius post Mark A. Tapia, markt@dgp.toronto.edu writes:

>>The array dialog item (array-dialog-item.lisp in the example folder)
>>handles 2-d arrays the way you want.  I'm not sure about
>>the upper limit but it does handle 2400 elements.

The problem with the array dialog item is that I'm pretty sure that the
array-dialog-item will be limited to 8K total number of cells because of
the list manager's limitations.

I had two initial ideas:

1) Create three one column sequence or array dialog items without scroll
bars that are scrolled by an independent scrollbar item.

2) Create three one column sequence or array dialog items one of which has
a scroll bar and use one of their scroll bars to scroll all three.

Does anyone have any input about whether or not either of these ideas is
appropriate or feasible?

I'm not sure that the array-dialog-item won't turn out to be my best
option, but I'd like to know what is possible before I make my decision.

--Thanks again.