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Re: MCL's Future

John Louch writes:

>MCL people,
>        As an ex apple employee this situation is not to surprising.
>To keep the product going all we need is enough voices talking to the
>right people in and outside of apple.  I'm sure the MCL team's
>expenses are not incredibly high when compared too other divisions at
>apple.  Maybe some form of electronic petition is in order.  I assume
>that the MCL teams jobs are not at risk due to this lack of support
>from apple???

I think that an electronic petition is a very good idea. If we could all
write to the appropriate person (people?) regarding our feelings toward the
product, maybe MCL's future would be more secure.

In that light, does anyone know the electronic addresses of people with
whom such a petition would carry weight?

Please post the names and addresses of these major decision makers at
Apple. It would hurt me deeply to see MCL suffer the fate of being dropped.



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