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MCL petition

Rich Parker wrote at :Sat, 19 Feb 1994 14:04:47

I think that an electronic petition is a very good idea. If we could all
write to the appropriate person (people?) regarding our feelings toward the
product, maybe MCL's future would be more secure.

In that light, does anyone know the electronic addresses of people with
whom such a petition would carry weight?

'I myself am happy to know that someone is thinking is this direction, since 
it seems that if handled 'judicially' or 'democratically' rather than 
economically, this will have a very good effect. 
Also, too what Henry Lieberman wrote from MIT has a lot of very 
powerful sense of 'behindthe scenes' knowledge: who else would know 
what impact MCL is having on the 'bigger picture' than the ones  who are
actually on the battle field.  ThoughApple must be aware of the ramifications
that MCL has had on the larger Common Lisp community, is it O.K. to at 
least to preseume that they are still lacking some knowledge that could 
have had a different weightiness on their already revealed decision?

'While the Media Lab, academics in general, and industrial research
labs who represent much of the current constituency of MCL may not at
first appear to be a "large market segment", their importance should
not be underestimated. It is from this segment that prototypes of
future applications, and education for future applications developers
emerges.'  Fri, 18 Feb 94 16:25:47  Henry Lieberman <lieber@media.mit.edu>

Jeffrey Kane at Sat, 19 Feb 1994 14:09:43 wrote thefollowing:

MCL is Apple's only dynamic language and we use it extensively for commercial
vertical market product development, mission critical applications, and
internal research efforts. '

jbk@world.std.com (Jeffrey B Kane)

It is not just a coincidence that so many very important developers and 
educators are voicing their desire to see MCL grow. It seems to me all too 
obvious that Apple is cutting their own throats. Thogh I'm sure for a 
muchmore 'noble' goal in mind(of course, life is very important).

Is there anyone else who feelsthat a petition is a vital part of trying 
to save MCL at the present mement, or should the MCL community just 
acceptthefact that Mac Common Lisp is slowly being put on the 
"back burner?"

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