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Can we help PowqerPC port ?

Maybe we should stop complaining and start thinking
how we can contribute something positive to the
porting effort. A few questions to the MCL team,

-  which resources are lacking (skills, or is it
   only money) ?

-  which parts of the system are difficult to port,
   and which skills are required for them (maybe
   someone out there could provide them, if she/he
   were paid) ?

-  if we collect enough money, can you do the port,
   and if so, how much money do you need ?

-  how long will it take if you have all the resources
   you need?

I would be ready to contribute whatever our budget
can muster. I'd be ready to postpone buying a new
car this year and contribute privately.

Marc Domenig
Ph.D., Prof. Institut fuer Informatik, Universitaet Basel
WWZ, Petersgraben 51
CH-4051 Basel
Tel/Fax: +41-61-267 32 51, domenig@urz.unibas.ch

P.S.: Apple should really reconsider this problem.
MCL has been the sole reason why my students, my colleagues
and I have worked on Apple machines since 1987. At least
50 machines have been purchased only because of MCL. If
no PowerPC port is made, we will abandon Apple. I think
there are quite a few similar cases around.