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Re: Future Plans for MCL

I must agree with the distress of all my fellow MCL users.  I'm not a
big user--my school licenses 2 copies of MCL.  But MCL is without
question the best development environment I've ever used.  I understand
that Apple runs on cash, but I hope Apple remembers that it also runs
on innovation and on developers.  Depriving developers of tools is a
poor way to advance.  If Apple can't justify this, I indeed hope they
are able to find an outside firm which will.  I'll place an order now
for the upgrade if Rick will tell me where to send my inadequate

It's a great product, Rick!  I hope you can keep it going.  Anybody
from the MCL team is welcome at my house any time.
Timothy J. McLarnan,  tim@math.earlham.edu
Dept. of Mathematics, Earlham College, Richmond, IN 47374 USA