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MCL Future

I think the discussion on this subject has shown that Apple's decision is
extremly shortsighted. Besides the impact on hardware sales, a development
environment is dropped that through prototyping and delivery boosts innovative
applications for Macs. And innovation is essential for Apple, as Windows
has caught up. In some innovative areas (e. g. Geographical Information Systems)
Apple is already far behind. And people at Apple should be concerned by the fact
that more and more systems are provided for Windows first (e. g. Video Production
Hard- and Software).

I'd prefer to stay with MCL and Macs, but I will consider PCs and 
Lisp Implementations on PCs in case that Apple's decision isn't changed.
The major reason for this is the obvious lack of continuity and dependability
demonstrated by Apple in supporting developers. 

Kind regards,
Frank Plassmeier

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