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Re: balloon help for search-window-dialog

>You need to make sure that the logical pathname host "CCL" is defined
>properly.  It needs to point to the directory with the MCL help file in
>it.  On start up, MCL sets CCL to point to the directory containing the
>application and HOME to point to the directory containing the document
>that was double-clicked.  If the application is started directly (ie, no
>document was double-clicked, then HOME and CCL point to the same place).
>If you store you application elsewhere, you should have it load an init
>file which redefines the logical host CCL to point to the MCL folder.
>To get an idea of what you need to do, evaluate 
>(logical-pathname-translations "CCL") and use that as the base to modify.
> OK, it's an ugly solution, but it works.
>Thomas A. Russ,  USC/Information Sciences Institute          tar@isi.edu    

Thanks for the suggestion.  The only problem with this is that I want my
stand-alone application to work on Macs that don't have MCL or the MCL help
file installed on them.
Dale Skrien