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I will write to ...

Hello again,

over the weekend I will formulate a letter to Larry Tesler
(tesler@taurus.apple.com) and Ike Nassi (nassi@cambridge.apple.com).
The latter is _head_of_the_developer_tools_group_ and he also directed
the Dylan project (according to the Dylan manual). Because
I don't think they read info-mcl, one has to write directly.

Some arguments will be:

- MCL is a great product with outstanding support
- MCL enables innovative and unique products
- MCL also serves as a prototyping environment for C/C++ applications
- MCL sells expensive hardware
- MCL has no real alternative (on Mac or Windows)
- MCL on a PowerPC Mac would be a winner
- MCL deserves aggressive marketing
- Apple has to be more reliable for developers

Anything else?

Will you write too?

Rainer Joswig

Rainer Joswig
Email: joswig@informatik.uni-hamburg.de