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Has anybody thought of this...

It just dawns on me (you don't have to draw me a map *all* the time) that
the decision to release themselves from supporting MCL may have something
to do with the new administration at Apple. It seems to me that every new
boss has to do some "big" things to make their employees take notice.
Has anybody asked Scully about this move?
It might be interesting, but also based on Apple's abandonment of it's other
developer's products, it may also be that they now feel like the Mac has
become an established product and they no longer need to drive it's develop-
ment. Perhaps they want to become a hardware company like IBM (should have
On that thought, IBM has been pushing it's OS/2 development products pretty
heavily lately. They're in the same position Apple was in 1984 when the Mac
was in its infancy.

History repeats itself, and the wolf in Redmond (in weasel's garb) will
win again...

(Ahh, that feels good ...)