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Re: Has anybody thought of this...

On Sat, 26 Feb, Don Winiecki writes:
   It seems to me that every new
   boss has to do some "big" things to make their employees take notice.
   Has anybody asked Scully about this move?
John Scully left Apple a few months ago to become the CEO of Spectrum
a firm involved in cellular technology. Supposedly, Scully was not
aware of the fact that the Securities and Exchange Commission was investigating
Spectrum. News of the investigation appeared in the NY Times shortly
after Scully jumped ship. He was actively recruited by Sepctrum. Several
days agao, Scully resigned from Spectrum on the very day that Spectrum changed
its financial statement from a profit to a loss. Sppectrum and Scully are both
suing each other. The shareholders are also suing Scully, holding him liable
for the incorrect financial statements. It should be noted that shortly
after Scully joined Spectrum, the stock rose, executives made huge profits.
One has to question Scully's "vision". Now Scully is an ex CEO of PepsiCo,
Apple Computer, and Spectrum. It is not surprising that Apple may shift
direction now. It really no longer has the competetive edge in sticky (GUI)
interface technoglogy.

MCL is a great product, there is no comaprison with MPW (now defunct).