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MCL/Shared Library Mgr. query

You need to use "model near" object files with ff-load.  The ".o" files that 
come with ASLM are "model far."  So instead of loading LibraryManager.o, use 
LibraryManager.n.o or THINK Libraries;LibraryManagerClient.debug.n.o
Also instead of SampleLibrary6.cl.o, use SampleLibrary6.cln.o
(I may not have spelled that last file name exactly right).

I didn't check your code for other problems, but certainly you should correct 
the above before trying any further debugging.

I also recommend installing the "debug" version of the Shared Library Manager, 
since if you're using the regular version, certain errors will simply quit 
your MCL without notice.  This is not an MCL problem, the Shared Library 
Manager behaves the same with all applications that don't explicitly support 
its exception system.  The "debug" version also has some other helpful support 
for initially trying to get things to work, like MacsBug symbols.  I believe 
this is discussed in the ASLM release notes.

You should be able to get ASLM to work with MCL without much trouble.  I don't 
see how you think this will help you get native PowerPC code, though.