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Re: Apple is afraid to market MCL.

>You (evidently) don't make big software bucks doing even
>high-quality Lisp programming environments; you make $$$ in software by
>drawing pretty fish on the screen or catering to the business market.

Dear Mr. Hall @ research.att.com

I don't see why you have to make a personal attack against me.
I also fail to why you need to make big bucks in order to be
on this mailing list.  I never indicated that I did or did not
make big bucks.  Please, stop the personal attacks as it is not
germain to the discussion of MCL.  Also, what I do with LISP is
none of your business and I don't even have fish near any of my
machines.  If you do want my services or products, then pay me.
(And no, I am not going to plug them here.  It too is not 
germain to the need to discuss MCL.)

Bill McDonald