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Apple is afraid to market MCL.

    Date: Tue, 1 Mar 94 14:16:25 PST
    From: bill@fcca.csi.com (Bill McDonald)

    >You (evidently) don't make big software bucks doing even
    >high-quality Lisp programming environments; you make $$$ in software by
    >drawing pretty fish on the screen or catering to the business market.

    Dear Mr. Hall @ research.att.com

    I don't see why you have to make a personal attack against me.[...]

I thoroughly apologize for my unfortunate choice of words which you
took in a way I did not intend.  Both occurrences of "you" above should be
replaced with "one".  I do not know you at all and certainly have no knowledge
of what you do or how much $$$ you make.

The intent of what I said was to point out that according to Apple
one (at least Apple, and there are other examples) cannot make money
selling even a high-quality environment like MCL that is targeted at
only one hardware platform.  The remark about fish on the screen was a
reference to a highly popular screensaver program with which I have no
way of knowing if you are connected (and did not intend to imply you are).

Again, in no way was this intended as a personal attack and I apologize
if my wording was unfortunate in giving you (or anyone else) this impression.

-- Bob