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Disk space

For our project in morphology we are going to collect quite a big amount of data
every day. In order to allow our users to work each day with an application 
which is the dump of the situation left the day before, our program 
automatically performs a backup of all data and a save-application every night.

In order to preview every time if the secondary storage is enought for such 
operations, we need a function which is able to read the amount of free-space in
the hard-disk.

Is there such a function? Any ideas?

  Thank you in advance


PS: I would like to take the opportunity to add my voice to the chorus asking 
    that MCL be ported to the PowerPC.
    I have been working since 1990 at a project with a group from the
    University of Basel. During this time we bought, for the project and
    for students, not less than 30 machines...,just because of MCL...

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