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Re: let's stop whining about MCL and port to Franz for Windows

In article <PHILG.94Feb27222638@camelot.ai.mit.edu>,
philg@zurich.ai.mit.edu (Philip Greenspun) wrote:

> Has anyone out there managed to hold his nose long enough to start up
> MS/Windows and run Franz Allegro CL/PC?  Franz claims it is winning
> (surprise!) and it should run fairly briskly on a Pentium.  If you are
> developing a commercial application, you'll find a market 5-10X larger
> on Windows.
Yes, we ported parts of our graphical library so that parts of our
application run without source code modifications on ACL/PC.

Standard widgets are easy to translate, if I find enought time I put the
MCL dialog-item and window emulation for ACL/PC on a server (Currently it
is nearly uncommented and in German style Lisp). The hard part is the
array-dialog-item we really depend on, but a couple of students already
begun to port to that too. 

However the MCL development environment is still better than ACL/PC's, so I
would prefer to be able to develop on MCL and emulate that on ACL/PC.
Additionally the powerpc market may be even be more attractive than windows
in the future.

BTW. Does anybody knows of an officially announced Lisp for the powerpc
based Macs?
> (Of course, we could all switch back to the Symbolics environment, now
> that it has been ported to the DEC Alpha.)
Aren't they chapter 7 now ? Lispworks for Dec-alpha may be a better choice.