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Your MCL Feedback

To MCL users--

I recently sent out an update on our development plans for MCL.  I received a
large number of responses from developers expressing frustration with what
was said and expressing support for the MCL product.

Your messages are being read and heard, by both myself and others in
positions of responsibility within Apple.  We appreciate your taking the time
to make your views known to us.

First, let me summarize what was said about MCL in the prior message:
--Apple is continuing to maintain MCL 2.0.1, including bug fixes and ensuring
that it runs on future Macintosh computers, including Macintosh with PowerPC
in emulation mode
--Apple is planning to collaborate with a partner to create a native PowerPC
version of MCL and in marketing MCL to the Lisp community.  These plans are
not yet fully in place.

Many people have interpreted this to mean that Apple has "killed" MCL, is no
longer interested in seeing further development on MCL, or is not committed
to the future of MCL.  This is not the case.  Let me assure you that we
intend to work with a partner to bring MCL ahead.  This not only benefits
you, it also benefits the many Apple internal projects based in MCL.

We appreciate all the support that people have shown for MCL, and we agree
that MCL is a valuable, high-quality product.  We look forward to the
continued availability and use of MCL into the future.

Best regards,

Rick Fleischman
MCL Product Manager
AppleSoft Development Products Group
Apple Computer, Inc.
e-mail: rickf@apple.com