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I am using the MacTCP.lisp code provided with MCL 2.0
to communicate with a database over the net 
but I am encountering the following problems:

1) The response can be very slow, especially when the
info sent back is large and it takes the
database a little time to process the query. 
However, when I run the same query using an UNIX machine,
the response is quite speedy.
Further, when I run Mosaic using the same Mac, I get data
very quickly.
Hence, I believe the slow response must be due to MacTCP.lisp.

Question: Does anybody have MacTCP code that is faster or
know of anybody who could fix the current code, possibly for pay?

2) After successfully communicating with the database for a few times,
I get the following error message:

Error #-23048
while executing CCL::%TCP-ERR-DISP

which means that I have run out of memory.

How come ? and how can I fix this problem without having
to quit MacLISP and restart ?

I would be grateful for any help on how to be able
to communicate with a database using TCP.

Best wishes and till soon,

Anselm Spoerri
Center for Educational Computing Initiatives
MIT, E40-370, Cambridge Ma. 02139