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68060 stop gap for MCL

There may be hope for the time being while
Apple scrambles to solve its MCL PPC problem.

I spoke with the 680x0 accelerator card product manager
at a well-known vendor.  I'm not sure how much of what
he said I can repeat freely here, but it seems clear
that there will be 68060 accelerator cards perhaps
sometime in summer, and that their performance may
rival the 601 for the time being.   Apparently
sampling of the chips is imminent.

You might try calling these companies and expressing
your interest and mentioning that you want it for MCL.


P.S.  Now wouldn't it be funny if they made a 68060
      accelerator for PowerMacs that would allow you
      to boot up either way...  [this was not discussed]
  Dave Yost
      @    .COM