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Re: problem understanding without-interrupts...?

At 11:02 AM 3/21/94 -0500, Doug Currie, Flavors Technology, Inc. wrote:
>>This function has the proper behavior when it is called from the
>>listener. However, when I call it by attaching it to a menubar
>>item and selecting that item, only the windows are opened and
>>closed, and no dialog items are displayed.
>>The same behavior exists when I add a without-interrupts
>without-interrupts disables event processing. Your code must need to
>process events to display the dialog items. Menu item actions take place in
>event-processing time while further events are also disabled. You could try
>having the menu item eval-enqueue your function rather than call it

That is the preferred way to do it. If you really want the menu
to remain highlighted while the dialogs are up, you can wrap your
code with:

(let ((ccl::*processing-events* nil))