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Re: info on BETA

> does anybody know where I can fing information on the programming
> language BETA (based on patterns, but I am not sure). I heard that
> there one implementation in MCL.
> mathieu.lafourcade@imag.fr

I looked at a copy of the "Catalog of Free Compilers and Interpreters"
and didn't find anything.  However, the copy that I have is probably
old (Version: 5.2, Last-modified: 1993/10/03).  You might take a look
at a newer version.  Below is an excerpt from it that tells a little
about it and where to get it.

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>                 Catalog of Free Compilers and Interpreters.
> This list catalogues freely available software for language tools,
> which includes the following: compilers, compiler generators,
> interpreters, and assemblers -- things whose user interface is a
> language.  Natural language processing tools may also be included.
> This is still a draft document: it may have an error or two, it is not
> yet complete, and is being standardized.  A copy of this document
> may be found via anonymous FTP on idiom.berkeley.ca.us as
> pub/compilers-list/free-compilers-5.2
> This list is primarily aimed at developers rather than researchers,
> and consists mainly of citations for production quality systems.
> There is some overlap of coverage between this document and other
> lists and catalogs.  See the references section for a list...
> All the listed items should be free and come with source code,
> exceptions have generally been deleted from the list in the past.
> If you find any such items in the list let me know and I'll remove
> them.
> ...
> Mark Hopkins <markh@csd4.csd.uwm.edu>, September 29, 1993