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Icons in menus - how?

Is there a way to assign icons to menu items? The 'icon-menu' and
'icon-menu-item' classes included in Guillaume Cartier's contributions
produce a blank space of the appropriate size, but don't draw the icon (on
the system on which I'm testing this, at least - MCL 2.0 under System 7.1
on a Mac IIci). Both 'cicn' and 'ICON' resources exist in an open resource
file and have the appropriate numbers (allowing for the offset of 256).

I notice that when I pass an ID which does *not* correspond to any valid
'cicn' resource, I still get the extra space in the menu. I can't decide
whether this means that MCL just isn't finding the resources that it
should, or if something else is amiss.

All suggestions disgracefully received.


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