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Questions about getting started

I am starting out on a project to convert a large program written in
Symbolics Common Lisp using Flavors under Genera to run on Mac Common Lisp
with CLOS and CLIM. I have a few questions.

1. Is MCL with CLOS and CLIM sufficiently compliant with the standards that
the sources will work without problem on other CL/CLOS/CLIM platforms, such
as DOS or UNIX?

2. Is there a version of LOOP available with MCL? (By LOOP I refer to the
full-blow system of macros that Symbolics supports.) I seem to remember
that a standard LOOP was developing around CL.

3. I'm planning to acquire some new hardware for this project, and lean
towards the Power Mac. Is this a dangerous idea? How much RAM will I really
need? (APDA says 4MB. Is this a joke?)

Timothy Larkin
The reader will perhaps be inclined to consider such distinctions pedantic.
But increasing experience of mathematics will reveal to him the great
importance of distinguishing clearly between things which, however
intimately connected, are not the same. (G.H. Hardy)