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Questions about getting started

    Date: Wed, 27 Apr 1994 05:40 MDT
    From: tsl1@cornell.edu (Timothy Larkin)

    I am starting out on a project to convert a large program written in
    Symbolics Common Lisp using Flavors under Genera to run on Mac Common Lisp
    with CLOS and CLIM. I have a few questions.

You may want to start with the conversion tools provided by Symbolics. This 
will get you most of the way from Flavors to CLOS (depending on what you are
doing in Flavors). See Book 12 in the Symbolics documentation set.


    2. Is there a version of LOOP available with MCL? (By LOOP I refer to the
    full-blow system of macros that Symbolics supports.) I seem to remember
    that a standard LOOP was developing around CL.

Yes. It has most of what the Symbolics loop has.

    3. I'm planning to acquire some new hardware for this project, and lean
    towards the Power Mac. Is this a dangerous idea? How much RAM will I really
    need? (APDA says 4MB. Is this a joke?)

You may find yourself jumping from one sinking ship to the next... We are in 
much the same position as you, though we have code in both SCL and MCL. We
are looking at moving to Harlequin's CL for future development.