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Re: Questions about getting started

At  6:04 PM 4/28/94 -0400, Steve Strassmann wrote:
>At 11:40 AM 4/27/94 +0000, Timothy Larkin wrote:
> >3. I'm planning to acquire some new hardware for this project, and lean
> >towards the Power Mac. Is this a dangerous idea? How much RAM will I really
> >need? (APDA says 4MB. Is this a joke?)
>The basic MCL world, running trivial programs, should run just fine in only
>about 2 or 3MB of RAM. However, you will need additional RAM depending on
>your non-trivial additions, such as CLIM and the rest of your application.

I advise at least 8 megs for running a CLIM application.

MCL does not yet run native on the PowerPC (and no word yet on
when to expect it). Hence, compute bound tasks will run at about
IIci speeds under emulation. Also, there are still a few problems
running MCL under PowerPC emulation. We are working on this in
Cambridge and will make a patch available as soon as we have it.
Conclusion: now is probably not the time to buy a Power Mac if
MCL development will be your primary use. A Quadra would be a better