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MCL 2.0, LC575 and no FPU

I recently tried to get MCL 2.0 running on a LC575 (obviously sans FPU), 
and everything is fine as long as I don't do any floating point math.  
While the problem seems pretty obvious, I thought there might be some
patch to fake MCL into doing without.  Stupid question?  I'm not quite 

At any rate, here's the error:

? (* 2.2 2)
[stacks reset due to overflow]
...{rest of expression after 2.2 eval'ed complete with errors}...

I didn't see anything in the MCL reference about FPU requirements, so 
maybe someone could tell me the obvious I'm not seeing.


Jason D. Vantomme
Music Technology Area,  Faculty of Music
McGill University,  Montreal, PQ  CANADA
email:   vantomme@music.mcgill.ca

Flames gracefully accepted ;-)