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Re: Printing Windows ? Need Help

At 10:48 AM 5/6/94 +0100, Gilles Serasset wrote:
>>I'm using the MCL grapher-package to build up graphical representations
>>of class hierarchies. But how can I print such a window from my lisp
>>code ?
>>Thanks for any mail.
>Did you use the geta-grapher and geta-browser packages (available at cambridge)?
>These packages already do what you say (with printing capabilities).

I provided another solution yesterday...



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Date: Thu, 5 May 1994 09:37:40 -0400
To: vicente@cs.kuleuven.ac.be (Angel De Vicente), info-mcl@cambridge.apple.com
From: bill@cambridge.apple.com (Bill St. Clair)
Subject: Re:Printing window to LW (was: problems with MCL)
Cc: "Mark A. Tapia" <markt@dgp.toronto.edu>

At 11:33 AM 5/5/94 +0200, Angel De Vicente wrote:

>		 My question is simple and I think rather easy to solve, but I don't know
>		how to do it. I simply want to print a graphic window in a laser writer, but
>		when I try to call the trap #_PrOpenDoc, it appears a message saying that
>		it's trying to find the laser writer, and for some unknown reason it simply
>		gets stuck somewhere.

Mark Tapia's print-u package will likely do what you want.
Here is an announcement from my mail archive. There may be a newer
version, probably also on our anonymous FTP server.


From: "Mark A. Tapia" <markt@dgp.toronto.edu>
To: info-mcl@cambridge.apple.com
Subject: New version of print-u
Cc: bill@cambridge.apple.com, cartier@uqam.montreal.ca, straz@cambridge.apple.com, wilcox@cmns.think.com
Date:   Thu, 29 Oct 1992 17:37:34 -0500

I've uploaded a new version of print-u.lisp in binhex format
at cambridge.apple.com in:
Print-u supports generalized printing routines for
windows, pictures and other objects.