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MCL bugs

Can anyone help with the following problems?  Please reply by E-mail (I
belive to ncohen@pro-lep.bga.com):
 i. The system blows when I print something out.  It may be some
combination of my disk doubler (stuffit deluxe) and Norton Utilities.  I
get around it by keeping a Macwrite window up and transferring anything I
want to print there. 
 ii. Lambda functions don't work with TRACE.  I can mostly get around it
with ADVISE, but haven't figured out a good way to do a selective STEP. 
 iii. (Not a problem).  MCL seems to cache the length of a list, so for
optimizing, you can use LENGTH instead of other approaches.  Are there
other useful tricks?  

Neil Cohen

UUCP: cs.utexas.edu!wixer!pro-lep!ncohen
ARPA: pro-lep!ncohen@wixer.bga.com
INET: ncohen@pro-lep.cts.com