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Table dialog items

Hi, I was trying to create a subclass of table-dialog items and ran into a 
slight problem. In my table, I need to modify the text in each cell as it is
selected. The trouble is that the documentation for table-dialog-items is 
sparse in saying which functions get called when you click on a cell. 
I thought one of them might be cell-select, but no such luck (though that
can be modified to produce the correct behavior). Which functions are called?
(I've also checked the source code for table-dialog-items and it doesn't seem
to be calling much of anything. (dialog-item-action my-item) produces nil. 
I can't see what it's calling.)

If anyone can help, please do.

(The reason behind this is to make a dynamic check box list, where you have
it open, and as you click on something, it changes to checked. Then if you 
click on somehting else, it will get checked. And when you click on a checked
item, it turns off its check.)

Andrew Begel
MIT Media Lab